Vyacheslav Konstantinovskiy watching adult movies during session of the Ukrainian government

This is the shocking moment an MP gets caught watching porn during a Parliamentary session in the Ukraine.

Vyacheslav Konstantinovskiy was caught on camera watching adult movies during one of the latest sessions of the Ukrainian government .

The unrepentant politician, who representative for the city of Kiev, admitted his bizarre actions, but added «at least I wasn’t playing Pokemon Go «.

He made an official statement on social media about the incident saying that he got tired of the «circus that was going on in the hall» and simply followed one of the suggested links while browsing on his phone.

He said: «I admit that the location for watching this type of content was inappropriate.»

Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky
Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky scrolls through the site

The controversial MP, who represents the Popular Front, defended his actions saying that there were not enough men who took a real interest in women and he felt sorry for them.

Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky
Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky with his girlfriend in June 2009 (Image: Getty)

He said that unlike many people who seem to see sex as something embarrassing, he had nothing to apologise for and added: «Sex is an essential part of every man’s life.»

Mr Konstantinovskiy then hastily added that he was madly in love with and completely faithful to his beautiful wife, and that she accepts him despite his weaknesses, adding: «At least I was not playing Pokemon GO.»

Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky

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